Group fitness classes


Campaspe Aquatics boasts a fully equipped group fitness studio specialising in Les Mills programs catering for all fitness levels.

Please note all classes are for ages 12 and above. Bodypump is for ages 16 plus


Group exercise offers a variety of benefits that you might miss out on if working out on your own such as:

  • qualified and certified instructors
  • a safe and effectively designed workout that is tailored for results
  • a fun and social environment with great music
  • a consistent exercise schedule
  • an awesome workout that doesn’t require any prior knowledge or expertise.

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Class descriptions are:

Boogie Bounce

Mixed intensity -  30 or 45 minute sessions

A full body cardio workout that is suitable for everyone, all ages shapes and sizes. A complete trampoline exercise program performed to eclectic music tracks from across the decades. Low to high intensity options available in all classes. Fun in fitness from kids to seniors. 

Teen Fit

Low to high intensity - 45 minute sessions

A program that delivers an atmosphere for teenagers that would like to build great technique within their strength training. This class covers weights, cardio and body weight exercises. A freestyle class that is designed to help with strong technique and exercise growth.

LesMills Tone 

Mixed intensity - 30 or 45 minutes

Combines blocks of strength, cardio and core training into one complete and convenient workout. A LesMills tone workout includes a mix of exercises to work the whole body and elevate the heart rate. All LesMills classes in one session.

LesMills Core 

Mixed intensity - 30 or 45 minutes

Inspired by elite athletic training principles.

You build strength, stability and endurance in the muscles that support your core, improve balance, assist injury prevention, and become better at everything you do. 

BodyAttack - LesMills

High intensity - 30 or 55 minutes
This sports-inspired cardio workout builds strength and stamina. It is a high-energy internal training class that combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises.

BodyBalance - LesMills

Low to moderate intensity - 55 minutes
A Yoga, Thai Chi and Pilates combined workout that builds flexibility and strength to leave you feeling calm and centered.

BodyPump - LesMills

Moderate to high intensity, 16 years+ - 30, 45 or 55 minutes
The original barbell class, BodyPump strengthens and tones your entire body. Challenge all your major muscle groups. 


Moderate intensity - 55 minutes
This fun filled class offers advancements in fitness, strength and flexibility through simple low impact cross-training methods.


Moderate intensity - 45 minutes
Circuit class with boxing and using the TRX body weight suspension training system. Designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.

Bike and Box

Moderate intensity - 50 minutes

Designed to suit all fitness levels, combines upper and lower body conditioning with indoor and outdoor options. More than just boxing. No partner required. Bike and Box offers a group indoor spin class workout that is low impact and moves to a boxing class.

Delta Fit 

High intensity - 55 minutes

Free style combination class of Military style training, HITT, strength and conditioning. Inviting you to an energetic, motivating atmosphere where you can push yourself to your limits, while fostering a sense of camaraderie and creating a supportive community within a class. 

Low Impact

Low intensity - 45 minutes
This low impact class is a heart and lung class with no jumping, running or getting down on the floor. Some mobility, coordination and laughter required.


Low intensity to moderate intensity - 1 hour
This low impact class is specifically designed for over 55's. The class is a supported group fitness class and gym session. Suitable for any fitness level. No jumping, running or getting down on the floor. A great class for comradery, smiles and laughter are required. 

Before attending Prime Active we ask for you to book a personalised needs assessment with one of our qualified Instructors.