Watch around water

Watch around water

Supervision of children is very important.

The Life Saving Victoria 'Watch around Water' campaign focuses on educating the public about active supervision and encouraging parents to take on the responsibility of this role while visiting a pool. The campaign aim is to reduce the number of fatal and non-fatal drowning incidents and associated injuries in public aquatic facilities in Victoria within the 0-14 year age group.

Please understand our lifeguards role is to supervise and provide incident response to each swimming facility but they are not responsible for individual children.

Only you can best supervise your child, so don't put them at risk.

Active supervision requires parents or guardians to watch the children under their care at all times. This requires full attention - not an occasional glance while reading the newspaper or talking to a friend.

We are an accredited 'Watch Around Water' facility. The policy regarding the entry of children to swimming pools states:

Children under 5 years

  • must be accompanied into the centre and the water by a responsible parent / guardian
  • must stay within arm’s reach during recreational play activities

Children under 10 years

  • must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible parent / guardian
  • must be constantly and actively supervised
  • parents / guardians must position themselves to have a clear view of the child with no physical or structural barriers between them and the child / children

Children 10 years and older

  • parents must use their knowledge of an individual child’s swimming ability and general development to determine the level of accompaniment

If you have any questions about Watch around Water, please speak with our staff.